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Why people use paper lollipop sticks Feb 25, 2022
From the perspective of degradable and environmental protection, the advantages of paper sticks over plastic sticks are obvious and beyond doubt. The raw materials of the paper sticks are low-gram white cardboard and adhesives. The raw material paper can be easily degraded, and different types of adhesives with few ingredients can be used. Glue based on starch gum can meet the needs of natural degradation.

Take the plastic lollipop stick as an example, PP polypropylene material will only oxidize and decompose, and it is difficult to degrade naturally. The product requirements has prompted manufacturers to add antioxidants and enhancers to increase tensile strength in PP, which also delays the decomposition time of PP plastic materials. Although they all become micro-particles, there is an essential difference between decomposition and degradation. The decomposed micro-plastics may accumulate in animals and even humans along the food chain.

Paper is made from raw materials that exist in nature, and the products of decomposition and degradation can be returned to nature. In terms of economy, under the same size conditions, although the cost of a single paper stick is higher than that of ordinary plastic sticks, it is only relative to ordinary plastic materials. Food-grade plastic materials are not much cheaper than food-grade paper materials. If the food safety conditions are improved under the same circumstances, the cost of plastic lollipop sticks has no obvious cost advantage than paper lollipop sticks.

In addition, from a safety point of view, the paper stick can be softened and decomposed under the action of stomach acid. If the paper stick is accidentally swallowed while tasting the lollipop, the damage of the paper stick is much smaller than that of the plastic stick that cannot be softened and decomposed. With the improvement of living standards, food safety is an issue that many manufacturers have to face.
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